Program Tracks

Engineering Epistemologies; Engineering learning mechanisms; Engineering learning systems; Engineering Diversity and Inclusiveness; Engineering Assessment; Application of Engineering Education.

Distance Learning; STEM Education (K-12); Smart learning environment; Adaptive learning; Heutagogy approach; Cybergogy approach; personalized learning; Instructional design in digital age; Effective technology in class/school; Learners Analysis; Augmented Reality (AR); Project based learning; Problem based learning; Scientific learning; Techno-therapy; Education for Disability; Technology based assessment.

Electronic learning; Blended learning in digital age; Online learning; Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs); Mobile learning; Learning innovation in the digital era; Online Counseling; Literacy of technology; Ethics of using information technology; Assistive Technology; Open learning resources; Social Media based Learning; Gamification; Artificial Intelligence in Education; Computing aided learning.

Vocational learning; Teaching factory; Professional teacher development; Technology in training design; Lifelong learning; Technopreneurship in Education.

Curriculum design and development; Accreditation issues; Assessment and Evaluation; Retention and learner-support strategies; Educational innovation, Internationalization experiences; Remote Education Supervision; Digital Education Resource Management; Management of Technology-based Education; IT based Education Leadership; Information and technology in education management.